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Was The Strain’s Zach the Most-Hated Post-Apocalyptic Character Ever? Yes

The Strain is over. 🙁 It was a pretty intense post-apocalyptic series that we didn’t get to cover here nearly … 0 620

Creepy End-of-the-World Messages About Aliens Interrupt California Broadcasts

While everyone was worried the world was going to end on September 23, some people in California thought it actually … 0 582

September 23, 2017: The World Didn’t End Today

It’s not midnight yet as of the time I’m publishing this, so maybe this post is a little presumptuous. But … 0 557
bran stark watches lyanna and rhaegar getting married
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The Biggest Game of Thrones Plot Was Predicted 17 Years Ago

George RR Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, is a master at mystery and intrigue. It is this quality … 0 865
Dany from game of thrones rides her dragon drogon
Game of Thrones, TV Shows

Game of Thrones Loot Train Attack FULL VIDEO and Behind the Scenes – Season 7X4 The Spoils of War

Gone are the days when us fantasy geeks were small potatoes. We’re a market force now. HBO figured this out … 0 1072
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My *No Spoilers* Take on the Game of Thrones Episode Leak

The latest episode of Game of Thrones (7X4: The Spoils of War) leaked a few days early. This article is to … 0 809
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Teens Are Leading the Apocalypse — But Is It a Good Idea?

Young people stepping up and taking charge of the world in the wake of an apocalyptic event is nothing new. … 0 622
The 100, TV Shows

Unity Days 2018: It’s Officially A Thing:

Unity Days 2018: It’s Officially A Thing: This past March I was lucky enough to do a quick q & … 0 986
Fallout, Featured, Movies, The 100, TV Shows

Radiation Is Bad – How TV Show Portrayals of Radiation Compare to The Real Thing

Radiation is bad. There is no other way to succinctly point out the fact that it is the antithesis of … 0 1415

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