The 100

The Redemption of Bellamy Blake

people stand on a hillside, watching a ship explode
The 100, TV Shows

The 100 4×04 A Lie Guarded: I’m High Key Stressed

TV Shows

The Top 10 Most Bad-Ass Post-Apocalyptic Couples on TV

david and emiley hunted
Colony, TV Shows

What Is the Factory on Colony? Clues & Photos Revealed

alva translation #adventuretime
News, Other

Here’s the Most Annoying Thing About Trump & the Apocalypse

an atomic bomb blows up in the distance
Colony, Featured 2, TV Shows

What Do the Aliens Look Like on Colony? [PHOTOS]

TV Shows

Aftermath Cancelled: Here’s What Happened to the Syfy Show

colony season 2 premiere
colony usa

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Apocalypse 2017: What’s New Next Year?


Adventure Time Reboot: Discussion & Theories

a woman with a gun stands in a field

Five Badass Girls of the Apocalypse

a creepy vampire doll
an ancient castle stands by the ocean

Ten Must-See Links for EVERY Game of Thrones Fan

A man in targaryen armor runs another man through with his sword.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Hype Depository