Endgame Clues from Stella – A New Update

Been off on vacation, so I’m a little behind posting new Endgame updates! Here are a few Endgame clues from the Ancient Societies ARG to get us started. Note: You can still join in on the fun if you want! Just buy the Endgame book on Amazon from this link.

First, looks like Stella will be posting video/art/image submissions on the Ancient Societies website. She’s also going to be hosting a live Q&A on her Twitter account on Thursday.

She’s posted a bunch of videos since I last posted, so you’ll want to go to Ancient Societies to view them all. Here’s one of the latest ones:



Have you solved the latest challenges? Here are a few hints to get you going in the right direction for a few of the recent challenges:

Taste (with answer)

The challenge is here. But here’s the deal — the new version is tough. They originally posted a different set of numbers that was much easier to solve. Here’s the original version:

The Truth is not defined by what’s been written before.

292.211+ 610 = ?

Answer: (highlight)

By the way, after seeing the video: Poor Jake 🙁



You cannot solve this puzzle without solving the five previous ones!

Remember binary! 😉

Boss (with answer) 

This puzzle is posted here.

1. This is a Picross type game
2. Solve the picross, then put into one long line
3. Use Morse.

Answer: (highlight)


This puzzle is posted here.


1. Noon is A
2. Put it in a circle

Imagine (with answer)

This one is tough for non-English speakers. Here are a few hints to get you started:

1. The mobile app “union” will help with the first part

2. Look for a prefix or suffix for each column that forms a new word.

3. Now do the same with the last set of words.

PS – still stumped? These websites will help:  and

Answer: (highlight)

Note: Read the metadata!

Safety (with answer!)

This challenge can be found here. The post was a response to the website getting hacked by The Brotherhood of the Snake. (PS — that by itself may be a clue to some of you who are playing the Endgame Book ARG! Appears that playing this ARG really might help with the other one!)

This one is really complicated, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it at first. First clue is to consider each number grouping as representing an angle. Try, for each of the eight groups, drawing lines representing the angle of each number.

When you draw them right, they will resemble symbols. What does her sentence tell you about the symbols? Answer here if you highlight: Translate them using the Moon alphabet.

Want the answer? Highlight here:

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    1. Yep, Kepler is pretty darn tough! Getting an iris to open is actually not something you do in the Kepler room itself. You have to follow clues to get to different locations, and once you’ve gotten to the next necessary website, an Iris will open. 🙂

        1. Not exactly. You’ll have to solve a puzzle on at least one other website, which will lead to another sign-in… That’s how it knows to open the iris.

          1. Hey Paul! OK – sounds like you may be having a graphics problem with the site. Did you read my post about what to do when the Kepler Futuristics site doesn’t work? You should try the steps in the post. It sounds like you’re encountering a glitch if you don’t see the table or anything in the room.

          2. I do see the table and the “irises” (closed). Still I’m an idiot and can’t figure out the first PW at the “they’re not crazy…” site. Arrgghhh!!! again.

          3. You’re not an idiot! OK, here’s a hint: read your book cover closely. the answer will be right before your eyes!

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