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Top 5 Post Apocalyptic Foreign Flicks

abernathy on westworld quotes such revenges on you
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The Westworld ARG Points To A Robopocalypse

Adventure Time, TV Shows

Adventure Time Reboot: Discussion & Theories

Colony, TV Shows

When Does ‘Colony’ Come Back for Season 2?

12 Monkeys, TV Shows

12 Monkeys: Love and Loss in a Time of Apocalypse


Z’Isle: A Kickstarter Zombie RPG You’ve Got to See

a woman with a gun stands in a field
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Five Badass Girls of the Apocalypse

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Can India Survive Zombies & UFOs … Without Will Smith?

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a woman with a gun stands in a field

Five Badass Girls of the Apocalypse

Mad Max: Fury Road Is Post-Apocalyptic Heaven Without CGI

the dragon queen daenerys sits on a burning pyre wit her dragon. A black bar covers her breasts

30 Hilarious Game of Thrones YouTube Videos

Zach Galifianakis on SNL competes over game of thrones trivia dressed as a dragon.

The Top 25 Game of Thrones Comedy Videos

king joffrey sits the iron throne and scream unacceptable

The Top 20 Funny Game of Thrones Videos