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What Is Colony’s ‘The Greatest Day’? Top Theories & Clues

Here is everything you should know about “The Greatest Day” on The Colony. “The Greatest Day” is part of the hosts’ religion, and although it plays a pivotal role in the show, it’s still incredibly mysterious. We’re getting more and more clues, from Grace’s book to Maddie’s strange vision. We’ve compiled all the hints that we can remember so far, along with some theories about just what “The Greatest Day” really means — and exactly what the aliens’ religion might be.

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(Spoilers through Season 2 Episode 4! If you aren’t caught up, stream it on Amazon here.) 

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The Greatest Day Is an Indoctrination Tool

“The Greatest Day” church service (USA Network/The Colony)

One thing we know, “The Greatest Day” is an indoctrination tool being used to help children believe that the aliens are good. You can see it in the way that Will and Katie’s nanny has been teaching their daughter. If children can believe the aliens are good, then the Earth will be really easy to control in about 30 to 40 years. Once this youngest generation grows up, they won’t want to rebel at all.

More specifically, “The Greatest Day” is tied to a new religion that the hosts started when they arrived, leading people to believe they are Gods. Lindsey, Will and Katie’s nanny, is part of this religion. She attends church services and wears a pin associated with the religion. In church, the preaching seems to indicate that aliens brought prosperity and order to Earth.

When she talks to Grace about The Greatest Day, she has a book with a cover that shows a beam of light going into the sky. She seems to hint that children will play a key role in somehow waking a messiah that’s been around/waiting for thousands of years.

Katie is NOT happy about this, as you can see in the video below:

Maddie’s Initiation Required Total Allegiance

Joining The Greatest Day’s secret society is serious business. So deadly serious, in fact, that Maddie had to pledge total loyalty and a willingness to let her entire family be killed if she ever leaked the society’s secrets. Here’s a video of Maddie’s initiation, including her encounter with the cube:

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The Cult Is Associated with a ‘Magic Cube’ That Grants Some Kind of Weird Experience

maddie and cube
Maddie and the Cube (USA Network/Colony)

We don’t really know what to call it, so “magic cube” seems about right. When Katie’s sister, Maddie, was being inducted into “The Greatest Day” cult, part of her ceremony involved an encounter with a glowing, electronic cube of some sort. It gave her a vision that seemed to lead her to truly believe in the mission of The Greatest Day. (Of course, she might just be acting… but we’re leaning toward thinking she was really changed.) Top theories about this cube are that it either uploads information to the person’s brain (whether false or real) or allows an alien to somehow enter their mind. Or maybe, because the aliens don’t operate within time like we do, a human can only “meet” an alien face-to-face (without the use of a suit) through a hypnotic state initiated by the cube.

There’s also a chance that the cube works a lot more simply than all of this… It just gives humans a euphoric or religious experience, causing them to either become addicted to the cube or automatically believe the aliens are God.

In Maddie’s vision, it’s hard to interpret what’s happening. She looks like she’s floating near a glowing light and perhaps becomes engulfed in it when it touches her, or it comes to her on its own. (It’s really hard to tell.) Here are some photos from the scene below:

(USA Network/The Colony)
(USA Network/The Colony)

And here are two of the very last moments in her vision. It almost appears like Maddie is combining with something, or her body is being skewered by many tiny points of light:

(USA Network/The Colony)
(USA Network/The Colony)

After this moment, when she and Nolan face each other, neither one actually looks happy. So maybe there’s still a chance they’re infiltrating the cult rather than being taken over by it.

‘The Greatest Day’ Strongly Hints That Aliens Were Here Before

When Will and Katie’s nanny was talking to their daughter, she described Jesus as being an alien who had visited Earth before the big arrival. (At least, that was our interpretation.) That, combined with the flashback showing the music that the astronomers heard coming from a beacon on the dark side of the moon, indicate the aliens have visited us more than once before.

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  1. I wonder if it’s some sort of melding between alien/human consciousness with the alien being in the driver’s seat? Or maybe we’ll discover humans were actually put here by the aliens in the first place, and we’re just primitive forms of them, and The Greatest Day will bump us in evolution…which the aliens feel is a good thing for us (as their progeny – I like the idea that their intentions are maybe not, from THEIR point of view, nefarious) and which we, having evolved mostly independently of them, resist. And the idea of Jesus having been an alien would play wonderfully into that, since, even though they haven’t been hands-on “parents” to us, they planted this Jesus/God idea into human consciousness. ANYHOW. This is what *I* would propose, if *I* were in the writer’s room…the idea of gods correlating to aliens really appeals to me, but I’m a total mythology nerd.

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